Client Testimony


Jess Blue

"Leanna has given me energy healings and readings which have been enlightening, informative, and mind blowing.  I consider myself an open person and believe in a higher power/spirit and I am also sometimes skeptical of those that claim to receive messages from deceased people. I believe Leanna is the real deal. Not only did she provide me some much needed healing on my damaged knees, she also gave me suggested natural remedies to aid in my healing going forward that I can easily apply (and have with success).  In my readings she's not only offered information regarding a current situation, or endeavor I'm involved in that she couldn't have possibly have known from any other source, but was so specific with names and places that it was not only astounding but irrefutable. We gave each other goose bumps! Her readings have given me much to think about, laugh about and most importantly peace and comfort regarding my loved ones both alive and deceased. Leanna has an incredible gift, one which I'm grateful to continue to experience."

Audrey Shute

"I have had both a reading and energy work by Leanna. Her intuitions and heart centered healing are truly remarkable. It was amazing how she was able to pick up on things that I didn't understand at first but may have missed out on if I had not had the benefit of her talents. My first experience with distance healing was with Leanna and all my skepticism of the mechanics of it was obliterated by her magical gift. Leanna is truly a loving light and gift to this world." 

Lila Petersen

"I am always amazed at the guidance and insight I receive from this talented psychic and healer. She is kind and loving in her delivery ready to answer any questions. She sometimes offers certain diet needs to help with healing. I have been working with her for over a Year and a half."

Tara Luna

"I was not a true believer until it came to Leann, she knew things that blew my mind. I have recommended her to many friends. She is hands down the real deal!!  Thank you for the reading ... It helped me with the loss of my father . To know that he is around and happy made my life happy."

Nichole Rider

"Thank you Leanna for the gift you are to the world!  Having the energy healing sessions and reading with you has transformed my life in just a week!  I can feel the energy shifting and I feel so connected to my soul and the Source of all Life!  The reading I had with you was hands down, the best reading I have ever had.  You were spot on with everything!  You connected with loved ones I knew I had but had never met in this lifetime.  The information given to me by my guides through you has transformed my world and given me a new lease on life and confirmed for me my purpose for this lifetime.  Leanna has a remarkable gift of being able to merge with your energy and heal you from the inside out.  It is by far the best energy healing I have ever experienced.  I can only express deep gratitude for my Angels guiding me to you and all I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  Leanna is the real deal and is truly inspired and 'employed' by Spirit."   

Alicia Bowling

"I was looking for a Medical Intuitive, my health was off mentally and physically. A close friend recommended Leanna. I have been going to people in the metaphysical world for over 20 years and have had countless readings etc…I was blown away by Leanna. Not only is she the best healer Intuitive I have every gone to, Bar None her readings are off the charts. I always describe her as a diamond in the ruff, because you don’t expect much when looking, but are excited to find out what a gem you discovered.  I feel blessed to be working with Leanna, but do know this, she’s a NO bullshit kinda Intuitive. She's not here to hold your hand, but give you the tools and information to grow and better your life. I highly recommend a healing and reading with  Leanna, it will be an experience you will not forget!"